Coocreate Virtual office

We design a virtual office to set our modern needs of World-Wide full operation.

Ferramedia Holding

Our Working Platform, where you can find up to 9 different business operating in the same structure. 


Our call:

We are ready to get you on board to test your skill with one of our job offer or simply collaboration in one of our Companies or Association or Start up.Please send us you CV and a short video motivation. We will back to you soon.

Global workers

We gather all nationalities and therefore all speaking languages are available through our workers network!

Coocreate statement:

Over the course of the past years, and still today, we have faced a degenerative capitalism, one that has socialized damages and losses but wrapped up profits in few individuals. The reckless logic of profit at any cost has bent discipline, independent thinking and dedication. As proved by the failure of the financial and economic markets all over the world, the environmental and social conditions and the tremendous costs for our planet, the entire economic model has to be reshaped from the ground up if we want to assure a sustainable development. That's why we propose a radical collaboration model into working environment.
Please find with us how we use our skills and time together as a big family.

Worker categories:

Please choose the category you wish to know detail and ask for more information about our workers!
CV, files, NDA, Contract, all will be deliver your office mail.


Full fill the paper and send it to us


Who we are

A group of professional people, expert in different fields, who have the passion to find different perspective at any job. We come from all the places around the World.

Our Value

Building your strategy and find professional people doing a good job through our Network

the vantage to be all together in one office

We collaborate side by side to guarantee the best performance ever!

Apply for the next project and commissioned task:

  • Take a look at the recent calling and send us your interest by a letter of participating intent.

Sign up to collaborate MyContainer mechanic system:

deadline 30th June 2015

Sign up to collaborate for Oman Mall desing

deadline 25th April 2015

Sign up to collaborate for TUTONE Anice Museum in Sicily:

deadline 15th May 2015